How to pack your bag (first steps)


I’m not an expert at this but I’d like to share my thoughts since we are packing our bag almost every second day. This of course is purely subjective and everything depends of the purpose of your travel, the range of activities you want to do and how many people you are going to be.

Before talking about packing it is crucial to choose the right backpack. Try and walk in the shop with different backpacks on (with weight inside) and feel which one fits you best. My focus was to protect my back as best as possible. I felt that the Deuter models answered best to this. (Other brands include Osprey, Fjällräven, Ayacucho, etc…)

1. Try to save on the weight and pack lightly, by for example buying lighter clothes or a light tent, matrass…

2. Pack things you need often as high as possible, so you don’t need to go through your whole backpack

3. The heavier material should be placed close to your “bassin,” this to not pressurise your back. This is for example where I place our tent

4. Try to roll your clothes as tight as possible. On YouTube you will find good videos explaining the different methods from socks to trousers (link)

5. You should pack compactly. Try to fill the holes as best as you can, this will save some space

6. Consider the use of compression bags. If for example you will pack a thick sweater, this will reduce it’s size considerably

7. Use different coloured bags (not a must). This to distantiate dirty clothes with underwear or electronic material, chords… It will help you to find what your looking for more easily.


One thought on “How to pack your bag (first steps)

  1. We also chose Deuter, still happy with it. The tip with coloured bags really works and makes it easyer to find stuff rapidly. Furthermore I would always choose a back-pack with a long zipper so unloading everything everytime is less necessary. We also took back-packs with wheels…love the comfort of not carrying the back-pack all the time…


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